How to modify/Disable SELinux mode

This is regarding to how to modify/disable SELinux in CentOS 7

Running “setenforce 0” in prompt will disable SELinux temporarilly. This doesn’t survive from system-reboot.

In order to make changes permanently, do following.

-Modify “SELINUX” in /etc/selinux/config

Three different modes of SELINUX. Choose anything you wish. To disable SELinux, simply modify it as “disabled”.

forcing: The default mode which will enable and enforce the SELinux security policy on the system, denying access and logging actions

Permissive: In Permissive mode, SELinux is enabled but will not enforce the security policy, only warn and log actions. Permissive mode is useful for troubleshooting SELinux issues

Disabled: SELinux is turned off




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